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Always on Pole Position

The MSA SAP Consulting

SAP consulting and development services

Fuhrpark mit LKW, Lieferwagen, Multivan und einem Bus im Hintergrund


We are a medium-sized SAP consulting company with a focus on the automotive industry and with the goal of becoming one of the market leaders in the SAP automotive environment.

The MSA SAP Consulting

The founder of the MSA and his long-time business partner laid the foundation for the SAP DBM (Dealer Business Management) with the Quantum car dealership solution. After the takeover by the SAP AG, they both played a key roles in the transfer of Quantum to the SAP standards and accompanied the further development of the solution at SAP.

Both oversaw the implementation of the SAP DBM/VSS at a sports car manufacturer in southern Germany in its factory car sales department and in its Exclusive Centre.

In 2008, the implementation of the DBM/VSS started at a fleet service provider with the world's largest civilian fleet. Over the years, customer-specific extensions and adaptations have created a fleet management solution that is tailored to the specific requirements and complex processes of this customer.

Ein Formel 1 Wagen in der MSA Brombeere Farbe
Sportwagen in der MSA Farbe

A southern German sports car manufacturer and the fleet service provider with the world's largest civilian fleet are now its long-standing customers and the order volume has grown steadily, so that an expansion of the MSA in 2019 has become inevitable.

In addition, a strategic reorientation was recently undertaken in order to be able to acquire further customers from the automotive sector, in the area of fleet management and, of course, also in the non-automotive sector.

Our aspiration: Always on pole position

Always on Pole Position - Das Bild mit dem MSA-Formel1-Wagen auf dem vorderen Platz auf der Formel 1 Strecke
This counts for us not only in motorsport on the grid. A relationship based on partnership, fairness and competence are principles to which we are committed. We cultivate a corporate culture of partnership not only with our customers, but also with our suppliers and our employees.
Professional project management and a systematic approach are mandatory for us. As a matter of principle, we work according to the internationally recognised standards of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL ©), with which our employees are certified.

Founded in 2010, the company is based in Bruckmühl near Rosenheim.

In winter 2024, the company's headquarters will be relocated to Wassenach in the Eifel region (near Nürburgring). Here, in addition to the new MSA SAP Automotive Consulting House, the new MSA Campus for competitive athletes, especially for motorsports, will be built.

Competence-Center NRW

Löwenburgstraße 14b
53859 Niederkassel, Germany

Company headquarters

Bachwiesenweg 5
83052 Bruckmühl, Germany

MSA Campus

Wassenach in the Eifel
(from spring 2025)
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