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Contract Management Automotive

The CMA is an SAP-based contract management solution for vehicle leasing, car rental & car sharing. It allows you to create, adapt and manage your contracts quickly and easily!

Do you lease, rent or offer vehicles via car sharing? Are you slowly losing track of the multitude of contracts or have you lost it long time ago? You want to get rid of the contract chaos, put an end to endless Excel spreadsheets? Managing contracts has become too time-consuming and ties up too many resources? Then simply rely on the CMA (Contract Management Automotive) in the future! CMA (Contract Management Automotive)!

Contract Management Automotive Der Kompaktklasse-Fuhrpark
The CMA is an SAP S/4 HANA -based and fully integrated solution and it is modular (app-based). Due to its service-oriented and action-based architecture, the CMA is flexibly adaptable and therefore also expandable at any time.

The CMA functions

Contract management and administration

Autoschlüssel Übergabe

Create, adapt and manage contracts for leasing, rental & car sharing quickly and easily!

An overview of the contracts of a particular customer is only a few mouse clicks away. For example, you are informed in good time about expiring contracts by means of alarm functions.

Thanks to the CMA's integrated change history and versioning of contracts, all changes and adjustments can be traced and thus documented down to the last detail.

Distribution and sales process

The sales process (from a quotation over a sales order to invoicing) can also be controlled within the CMA on an action basis.

You want to sell the vehicle at the end of the contract term? No problem, because you can also control and handle the sale with the help of the CMA.

Graulation nach der Vertragsunterzeichnung
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