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Automotive Solution Framework

An SAP-based solution for creating customised fleet solutions without compromise. Take advantage of your opportunity as a pilot customer and receive a customised solution tailored to your needs! Arrange a consultation right away and find out what advantages our solution has for you!

Automotive Solution Framework


Fuhrpark - LKW, Lieferwagen, Multivan und ein Bus im Hintergrund

Fleet solutions




Without compromise

flexible and dynamic

Automotive Solution Framework

Our solution for your fleet management

MSA SAP Consulting ASF Automotive Solution Framework - Fuhrpark
Automotive Solution Framework

An industry in transition

The automotive core business is in a state of upheaval. This is due to some innovative topics such as e-mobility and autonomous driving. The cloud is conquering a bit more of the IT landscapes every day. Digitalisation and connectivity are advancing ever faster.

Those who keep their costs low - through efficient structures and business processes as well as intelligent software and integrated systems - remain in the race.

Automotive Solution Framework

Intelligent Fleet Management

The Automotive Solution Framework (ASF) is precisely tailored to the needs of your fleet management. As an integrated solution based on SAP S/4 HANA, the ASF covers all processes of operations management and fleet management.

In addition it offers numerous functions to enclose even complex operational organisations. Put your trust in the ASF and rely on investment and future security.

Automotive Solution Framework

ASF is a fleet management system based on S/4 HANA that is seamlessly integrated into the processes of the SAP standard modules (SD, MM, PM, FI, CO).

The ASF can be operated as a completely independent and stand-alone fleet management system or can also be integrated into the existing SAP IS-A (Automotive) system landscape (VMS, DBM/VSS) through connectors available as standard.

The ASF is modular (app-based). The service-oriented and action-based architecture guarantees maximum flexibility and simple expandability.

Our solution for contract management CMA (Contract Management Automotive) ) is also a useful addition to the ASF.
CMA can also be used in conjunction with the SAP IS-A modules VMSDBM/VSS.

ASF functions

Automotive Solution Framework – Base Functions

Mapping of the entire life cycle of a vehicle

Manage models and vehicles

Fuel card and refuelling data

Licence Plate Management

Vehicle control/registration

Sales packages

Requirements management and procurement

Service messages

Control and sale

Fine Management

Driver management

Management of stored goods

Automotive Solution Framework – Optional Functions


Deadline Management

Order management

Workshop Planning

Expertise Management

Transport Management

The ASF is intended to serve the target market "fleet management":

Automobile manufacturers


Freight forwarders

Bus companies


Car rental companies

Service Provider

Working platform rental

Transport companies

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