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The Success Story of the MSA SAP Consulting


Our customer manages the largest civilian vehicle fleet (with approx. 36,000 vehicles) worldwide. Except for the sale of the respective vehicle at the end of its service life, this fleet service provider covers the entire process chain as a service: from the vehicle control through to vehicle disposal.

Over the years, a fleet management system has been built up based on SAP modules such as SAP DBM & VMS and with the support of the MSA SAP Consulting. On the one hand, the fleet management meets the most diverse requirements and, on the other hand, is also able to map the incredibly complex processes of a globally operating service provider, such as our customer.

MSA SAP Consulting Fuhrpark Management Success Story

Changing of the guard

msa sap consulting exzellentes fuhrpark management 12

The SAP DBM, like an old, worn-out and aging tank, must now make way for a new, better and more modern S/4 HANA-based solution SAP VSS.

During the migration from SAP ECC into S/4 HANA, it was of course also necessary to prepare our customer's core fleet management system SAP DBM for the migration to SAP VSS.

As a first step towards the VSS, the code of the DBM solution and the adjacent individual developments was cleaned up. As the main task of this project, the programme code was then successfully migrated to the VSS.

For many years, the MSA has been a competent, reliable service provider and a partner who has never let us down, even in an "emergency"!

This time, too, the MSA did a great job and brought the project to a more than successful conclusion.

Head of IT department at our customer
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